What Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Are Best To Know Before Buying Any?

These Ideas Are Ones From The Popular Cabinets Clients In And Around Chicago, Illinois People Are Choosing To Put In Their Homes

Looking at ideas is a great way to start your own creative wheels turning. You can also use them to help you make a decision and find the best cabinets for your home.

In this post you can discover:

  • The most durable kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinet trends
  • Some types of kitchen cabinets
  • Some styles of kitchen cabinets
  • A few of the best kitchen cabinets 
  • A few of the best kitchen cabinet brands
  • What our kitchen cabinets look like in kitchens
  • Amazing kitchen cabinet storage ideas
Beautiful kitchen with new kitchen cabinets

Let’s Not Go Into This Blind

“Since we now know kitchen cabinet costs, maybe we should look into ideas,” suggests Nick.

Brittany nods. “I agree. We don’t want to just go into this blind. We’ll spend way too much time trying to decide in the store. 10 minutes of preparation saves an hour of work,” she quotes.

Nick chuckles. “You sound just like your dad. Alright, let’s keep diving into this kitchen cabinet contractor’s blog. We may find some awesome kitchen cabinet ideas.” Brittany nods and the couple gets back to digging.

Here’s what they find:

The Most Durable Kitchen Cabinet Material

The strongest kitchen cabinets are made from hardwood. Many people select cherry and maple for their cabinets. These are the most costly but also more durable. This can make it worth the larger upfront investment.

People then want to know the strongest kitchen cabinet finish. This can help protect their cabinets even more!

Raised panel kitchen cabinets

People love blues, blacks, off-whites, browns, and sandstone. Hardware colors include champagne bronze, rose gold, and matte black. Contrasting colors for the island and cabinets are on the rise too.

Higher-end clients are all about raised panel doors. The classic Shaker-style doors may never go out of style.

Homeowners also love the accessory kitchen cabinet trend ideas.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Brown semi-custom kitchen cabinets

The three types of kitchen cabinets are stock, semi-custom, and custom. There are key differences between these 3 types of kitchen cabinets. It’s enough of a difference to definitely impact your decision.

Main Cabinet Styles For Kitchens

Dark brown stained raised panel kitchen cabinets

The main cabinet styles for kitchens are recessed panels, raised panels, and slabs. Each one of these styles of kitchen cabinets brings a different feel to whatever kitchens they’re in.

The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Close up of kitchen island with cabinets

The best kitchen cabinets are made from wood, have a durable finish, and have dovetail drawers with full extension drawer guides and soft-close doors. They’ll also come from the best manufacturers who stand behind their products and have great customer service.

There are more reasons these are the best kitchen cabinets and let’s not forget about the best brands!

Kitchen Cabinet Pictures From Homes Near You

View of kitchen from the corner
View of the other side of the kitchen
Section of separate kitchen cabinets
Cabinet closeup that has dividers
Custom corner kitchen cabinet drawers
Upper cabinets at a taller height due to a taller backsplash

There are way more local kitchen cabinet projects clients have had us do.

 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Kitchen cabinet storage idea

1. Rollouts

With rollout cabinet storage, you can get to almost anything much more easily!

2. Pots And Pans Drawers Or Pullouts

These are like rollouts but specifically for pots and pans.

3. Coffee Pod Organizer

This kitchen cabinet storage design idea is ideal for coffee lovers.

You’ll want to know more details and pictures on these and the other 8 kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

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“We sure have a good amount of ideas to go through here!” says Nick excitedly. Brittany nods. “We still have plenty of time, so let’s go ahead and dive deeper into this blog.”