The Best Kitchen Cabinets And 3 Of The Best Brands To Buy From

Find Out What Makes These Cabinets The Best And Who We Recommend Buying From

Kitchen with the best kitchen cabinets

The best kitchen cabinets are ones that’ll last and look good doing it. The best brands of kitchen cabinets to buy include Monarch and Haas.

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You Get What You Pay For

“And that’s why we should get the best kitchen cabinets?” asks Brittany.

Nick smiles and nods. “When we buy cheap, we get cheap, and it hasn’t worked out well for us so far. We need the best from one of the best kitchen cabinet brands. If we do this right we’ll have a kitchen that’ll look amazing for years!”

“Ok, so what makes these cabinets the best? And what best cabinet brands are these?” replies Brittany.

“Actually, I was going to wait to see if you were interested first. Now that it seems like you are, let’s look for answers on Google together,” suggests Nick. “Well, if we’re doing this, let’s also look up stuff like the cost for kitchen cabinets,” says Brittany. They get to searching on Google.

Here’s what the couple finds:

The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Dark brown custom kitchen cabinets

The best kitchen cabinets are made from wood, have a durable finish, and have dovetail drawers with full extension drawer guides and soft-close doors. They’ll also come from the best manufacturers who stand behind their products and have great customer service.

These are the best because they’ll look better for longer. The soft-close doors cut down on the banging of closing doors. Drawer guides keep the drawers in place and help them move smoothly. You can make the most out of drawers that open all the way too. This is known as full extension or full access.

The Best Brands Of Kitchen Cabinets

Close up of kitchen island with cabinets

The best kitchen cabinet brands include Monarch, Haas, and Waypoint. We use Monarch, a local manufacturer, for their custom cabinetry. Haas and Waypoint have a great selection of semi-custom cabinetry.

We prefer these brands because they’re more than just a good product. These manufacturers stand behind their products. They work to give great customer service along with their products.

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“Now we have that down, so what’s next?” asks Brittany. “Next we check out that cost link at the top of the post and the ones down here,” says Nick. “Might as well keep going while we’re in the groove.”