11 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

These Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions Help Our Clients In And Around Chicago, Illinois Have An Easier Time In Their Kitchens

Too many kitchens have hard-to-access areas and too much clutter. You’re on the right track to solving this problem by looking into kitchen cabinet storage options!

In this post, you can discover 11 kitchen cabinet storage ideas you can bring into your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet storage idea

Our Kitchen’s A Mess!

“I can’t stand this anymore!” snarls Brittany.

Nick jumps in surprise. “What? Stand what anymore?!” Brittany sighs in frustration. “Our kitchen cabinets are a wreck. Getting things out is hard and putting them back in is even worse. We ran out of room months ago. Now our countertops are for storage too!”

Nick looks around the kitchen. “You’ve definitely brought up a pain point,” he says slowly. “What do you think we should do about it?”

“The only thing we can,” -Brittany picks her phone up off of the kitchen counter- “get new cabinets. But first, we need to see what new kitchen cabinet storage design ideas are out. And see how long it takes to kitchen cabinets.”

Here’s what she discovers:

11 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Some of the most popular interior storage options used for organizing are:

1. Rollouts

Rollout kitchen cabinets

It would be so much easier if you could just pull those shelves in your cabinets out to reach things in the back.

With rollout cabinet storage, you can! They roll like drawers so you can get what you need without being in a weird position.

2. Pots And Pans Drawers Or Pullouts

Pots and pans drawer

These are like rollouts but specifically for pots and pans. Some you can stack while others you hang the pots and pans on to, like a clothesline. This kitchen cabinet storage option makes handling pots and pans way easier.

3. Coffee Pod Organizer

This kitchen cabinet storage design idea is ideal for coffee lovers. No more random storage bins or leaving the pods in the box! Instead, you can have them neatly (and aesthetically) organized in a drawer made just for them.

4. Cutlery Dividers

Layered cutlery divider drawer

This is a must-have when it comes to kitchen storage ideas. Having your cutlery separated makes it easier to find the right size needed.

5. Spice Pullouts

Spice pullout drawer

You don’t need a spice rack or lazy susan taking up your valuable countertop space. Instead, you can store your spices in a drawer solely dedicated to them.

6. Tray Dividers Or Pullouts

Tray divider cabinet

Instead of having to shuffle through your trays like a large, loud deck of cards, have them pre-separated! You can get what you need more easily. This is an ideal kitchen cabinet storage solution to you having to worrying about causing a tray-valanche.

7. Corner Lazy Susan

This is an excellent kitchen cabinet storage design idea for corner cabinets. The interior has circular trays that spin. This allows you to store smaller items while being able to reach them all. It’s also kind of fun!

8. Trash/Recycle Pullouts

This is a great way to keep the trash out of sight and hide any smells too. To throw anything away, simply open a cabinet and slide the trash out. It’s also great for sliding anything off of countertops right into the trash.

9. Pegs In Drawers For Dinnerware

Pegs for holding plates in drawers

These pegs keep your dishes organized and in one spot so they don’t shift too much. You can also pull out the stack using the pegs. You can layout everything your guests need without playing hot and cold for the correct cabinet.

“Instead of plates being high up, it keeps everything at a better working level,” says Brad Wernsman. One of his designers adds, “Putting items like plates and glasses below the counter makes them more accessible for the entire family and is great for aging in place, too.”

10. Mixmaster Pull-ups

Mixmaster pull-up shelf

You can open a lower cabinet and pull out a shelf designed for holding appliances. It’s like creating extra countertop space out of nothing!

11. Wine And Plate Racks

A well-planned-out kitchen optimizes your kitchen’s storage and organization. Our experienced Kitchen Designers can assist with helping you achieve the best possible use of interior space for storage.

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Nick lets out a low whistle “These are some pretty useful ideas. I wish we had them right now.” Brittany nods. “I do too, and we’ll definitely have some of them. Let’s talk about them while we see what else we can find on this blog.”