How Much Kitchen Cabinets Cost For Stock, Semi-Custom, And Custom

People Are Investing This Much To Make Their Kitchen Look Amazing Again

The cost for kitchen cabinets here is higher because they are custom

New kitchen cabinets will change how you and everyone else see your kitchen, which is why it’s super exciting! Of course, it’s always good to know the cost before going into a project like this.

In this post, you’ll find out the cost for stock, semi-custom, and custom kitchen cabinets. You’ll also discover the differences that make them have different costs.

Why Start With The Kitchen Cabinets?

“Kitchen cabinets take up the most room, so people see them first,” says Nick.

Brittany smiles. “Perfect, that’s exactly what I was thinking! It’ll also have the most impact, along with the flooring, but we can get to that later.”

“I think our first move should be to find out how much new kitchen cabinets cost,” suggests Nick. Brittany pauses for a moment. “I can’t even guess what it would be, so that sounds like a great idea to me” she agrees.

“Kitchen cabinet prices probably depend on which of the types of cabinets you choose.” Nick frowns and pulls out his phone. “Well, let’s ask Google what new kitchen cabinets cost.”

“Wow, we’re on a roll with the good ideas today,” laughs Brittany. She walks over to Nick so she can see what he finds.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

How Much Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Close up of kitchen island with cabinets

Kitchen cabinet costs range from about $3,000 to $25,000 and higher. It depends on what kind of cabinet you get, the size of your kitchen, and the complexity of the project.

  • Stock kitchen cabinets start between $3,000 and $4,000
  • Semi-custom kitchen cabinets start at $12,000, which is also the average kitchen cabinet cost
  • Custom kitchen cabinets cost $25,000 and higher

The Main Reasons Kitchen Cabinet Prices Change

Custom corner kitchen cabinet drawers

Type of cabinet. This involves stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. It can also mean how ornate and detailed the cabinet is. Plain cabinets take less time and labor than fancier ones.

Kitchen size. Larger kitchens tend to have more cabinets. This means more time, labor, and materials for your project. Smaller kitchens can still be pricey depending on your choices.

Complexity. You can choose from some awesome, though complex, cabinets. Cutlery dividers, Lazy Susans, rollouts, glass doors, and more options are available to you. They do take more time and labor to make and install.

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“Awesome, now we know kitchen cabinet pricing for our area. We even learned a little about the different levels of cabinets,” says Brittany happily. “Yep! Now, let’s see what else we can find out about kitchen cabinets on this blog,” suggests Nick.