You Will Love One Of The 3 Main Cabinet Styles For Kitchens

Our Clients In Chicago Use One Or More Of These Three Styles Of Cabinet Doors In Their Kitchens

Recessed panel door style for kitchen cabinets

It’s a smart decision to look up the options for your kitchen cabinets! It’d be sad to find out that you settled for something less than your ideal look.

In this post, you can find out what the three main styles of cabinet doors are. You can also see what they look like after they’re installed in homes near you.

We Need To Know Our Options

“We finally have the money and the kids are out of the house, so we’re doing this right,” says Brittany.

Nicks nods. “You’re right. I know how much you dislike the current look, so doing it right sounds good to me. It’s not like we can just remodel our kitchen cabinets at any time. So, what are our options?”

Brittany pauses, letting out a sound of exasperation. “What are the different kitchen cabinet door style names? I can picture one or two in my head but I don’t know what to call them.”

Nick shrugs. “I wish I knew. We can always Google the answer.” Brittany looks up from her phone. “I’m a step ahead of you hon, I’m even planning on looking up kitchen cabinet costs next. Can you keep up?” she says with a grin.

“Haha, ahead as usual!” says Nick. “Find anything yet?” Brittany nods, moving closer to Nick so he can see her screen.

This is what the couple finds out:

Recessed Panel

This is the most versatile of the cabinet styles for kitchens. They can lean modern or they can lean farmhouse. It mainly depends on trims, hardware, and accessories. Shaker cabinet doors fall into this style of cabinet.

Stained recessed panel cabinets
White recessed panel doors
White recessed panel cabinets in a kitchen

Raised Panel

This has the most traditional and elegant look of the cabinet door styles for kitchens.

Light brown stained raised panel kitchen cabinets
Dark brown stained raised panel kitchen cabinets
White raised panel kitchen cabinets


This cabinet front style gives a more modern look and feel to kitchens.

Brown slab style kitchen cabinets
White slab style cabinets in kitchen

You May Also Like To Know

“So these are our main three options,” says Nick. Brittany nods. “And if I know anything about styles, there are different ones in each of these categories. Time to dig deeper!” she says cheerfully.