Kitchen Cabinets With Emotion

Forget cooking in a cramped kitchen. Let’s give you a kitchen that excites you for years to come.

Timeless Cabinetry Design That Looks and Feels Right

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing generic furniture to make your kitchen a bit better. But we all know your Pinterest board is full of pictures you only dare to dream about.

What if you could have the kitchen you dream of, with all the functionality you need, plus the gorgeous looks? We bring together timeless designs, unmatched customer service, and the best materials to make that wish a reality for you.

Make coming home and stepping into your dream kitchen the highlight of the day.

Kitchen Cabinets In 3 Easy Steps

Details turn a nice kitchen into a fantastic one. Your kitchen is yours, so every step of the process is designed to make sure that the end result is something you absolutely love. Here’s how our pain-free process works:

1. Measurement and style

Send us your measurements (or have us measure for you) along with a few photos of your dream kitchen and how you’d like it to look and function.

2. We design your cabinets

After a short phone conversation, our designer will work her magic designing your cabinets. After the design is approved, we’ll come in and install everything in its place.

3. Love your new kitchen

Once your new cabinets are installed, your kitchen is going to look better than ever. Start enjoying time in a space that’s functional and beautiful.

A Genuine Customer Experience

While most cabinetry manufacturers settle for getting the job done, for us it matters that you feel comfortable, informed, and appreciated from start to finish.

Offering an experience that’s genuine and tailored to every customer is why Cabinet Stiles was created in the first place. From the moment you give us the first call, to the design phase and every interaction we have, we’re here to make sure your needs and wants are front and center.

Cabinetry Pricing

We’ve made it our mission to provide high-quality kitchen cabinets that everyone can afford. Regardless of your kitchen size and the functionality you want, we make it possible for you to have your dream kitchen while staying within your budget.

All cabinets come with:

Stock Cabinets


Stock cabinets provide great value for smaller kitchens and slimmer budgets. 

They come in various colors and you can mix and match cabinet parts to create a low-budget kitchen that looks phenomenal.

Semi-Custom Cabinets​


The semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets with your personal twist. 

They come with more door styles & color selections, and you can modify them to more specific dimensions or add certain features.

Full Custom Cabinets


Custom cabinets are 100% tailored to your spaces and taste.

They come with superior stain and paint finishes, in multiple styles and colors. Plus, our custom cabinets cost less than many cabinetry manufacturers sell as semi-custom.

Featured Projects

Stephanie & Mark’s Naperville Kitchen

Steph & Eric’s Yorkville Kitchen

Angie & Neil’s Naperville Kitchen

Misti & Jason’s Club House Kitchen

What Our Customers Say

Our first-time customers continually become our long-term customers. They are proof that we leave no detail out, and that everything we do is in your best interest.


We highly recommend Cabinet Stiles! 

Brad was awesome to work with, very knowledgeable and provided excellent design ideas. 

Client satisfaction is a #1 priority with him and his sub-contractors. 

The quality of his work and the service we received exceeded our expectations!

Maryann Lewandowski


Cabinet Stiles was able to do all the design work quickly and efficiently online. 

The cabinets were top quality. We worked with David, he had several design ideas for us. We picked one. We had the contractor double-check the measurements and found a measurement was off. 

David was quickly able to come up with some new ideas to meet the new measurements, we never had to leave the house. 

He was prompt, kept us informed, the prices are great. I can’t say enough about this company.

Terry Michaelsen


I can’t express enough how happy I am with the recent experience I had with Cabinet Stiles!!

I was in a bit of a rush and they were very compassionate. Quickest, Easiest, Most Pleasant transaction I have ever experienced! Great, friendly, knowledgeable service!!! 

Quality of cabinets-beautiful!! I just can’t say enough good things about them. The whole process took only about a week and a half. 

I highly recommend them! Love these guys!

Thank you, Cabinet Stiles!!!

Pam Ahlgren

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Well-Deserved Upgrade