2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends From Colors To Styles You’ll Love

Discover The Ideas And Designs People Are Using For Their Kitchens In Chicago

Kitchen cabinet trends include different colors for the cabinets and the island

The latest kitchen cabinet trends for 2021 are colors like blue and off-white, raised panel doors, accessories like lazy Susan’s, and more.

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“You can’t actually zoom in and then enhance pictures,” says Nick.

“But we can enhance our kitchen by using the latest kitchen cabinet trends,” Brittany shoots back. Nick’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “What? Where did that come from,” he says with a short laugh.

Brittany sighs. “Looking at all these nice kitchen pictures has me thinking. We’ve been good with our money so I think we deserve it. It can totally change the look of our kitchen, which hasn’t happened ever.”

Nick looks up wistfully. “That would be nice…” Brittany smiles. “Why don’t we look up some trends for kitchen cabinets. If not now, we can get some ideas for when we remodel.”

“Let’s do it,” agrees Nick as he whips out his phone. “We’ll need to look up kitchen cabinet costs at some point too.” He starts searching on Google as Brittany cranes her neck to look too.

Here are the trends the couple finds:

Kitchen with brown semi-custom kitchen cabinets

The latest kitchen cabinet colors are blues, blacks, off-whites, and browns. Sandstone is becoming a popular color too. The popular hardware colors are champagne bronze, rose gold, and matte black. Many people are using contrasting colors for the island and cabinets.

When clients let us have a hand in the design we like to make it more timeless. We want to use trends that’ll last for years. Otherwise, our clients won’t like their kitchen and will want to redo it again too soon.

Raised panel kitchen cabinets

We’re noticing our higher-end clients are choosing raised panel doors more and more. The Shaker-style doors are still quite popular.

Accessories You’ll Love For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet with tray dividers

These additions can help make your kitchen function better for you:

  • Garbage pullout
  • Lazy Susan
  • Tray dividers
  • Spice rack
  • Tiered drawer organizers
  • Custom dividers for cabinets and drawers

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“Wow, now I really want to remodel our kitchen cabinets,” says Nick wishfully. “We might be able to!” says Brittany. “Let’s learn some more about them before we make any decisions.”