5 Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Drawers And 2 Drawer Fronts

These Are Some Kitchen Cabinet Drawers You Can Choose For Your Kitchen

With all the new kinds of drawers coming out it’s a great idea to look and see what your new options are. 

In this post, you can find out a few types of kitchen cabinet drawers. You can also discover the two main types of drawer fronts.

Pegs for holding plates in drawers

Are There Different Types?

“What do you mean, choose?” asks Brittany. “Are there different types of kitchen drawers or something?” Nick shrugs. “Probably. May be different types of drawer fronts too.”

“What are we going to choose for kitchen drawers?” asks Nick.

Brittany nods. “Yeah, if there are different types of kitchen cabinets I guess the same can be said for drawers. Want to Google it?” Nick nods as he takes his phone out from his pocket.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

5 Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

1. Corner Drawers

You can make the most of your kitchen with specially designed corner drawers.

At first glance, it looks like two separate drawers in the corner. It’s like if you tried opening both at the same time, they’d just hit each other!

But not with these special corner drawers. If you pull on one handle both move out as a single drawer!

2. Pots And Pans Drawers

These large drawers are made to hold and better organize your pots and pans.

These drawers are easier to deal with than squatting down and rustling through a lower cabinet. You’ll have easier access to all of your pots and pans.

3. Pegged Dish Organizer Drawers

This type of kitchen cabinet drawer organizes your dishes by using pegged dish drawers.

They have pegs that you put your dishes between. With some, you can even use the pegs to pull out the entire stack of plates. This is ideal for when you have guests over.

4. Warmer Drawer

This is great for keeping food warm.

Sometimes someone’s running late and you want to keep their food warm. Other times you may be cooking a lot of food and they get ready at different times. This keeps the earlier foods from going cold.

5. Cooking Utensil Drawer

No more having your cooking utensils scattered around an open drawer.

This type of kitchen cabinet drawer comes with separators inside the drawer. You can keep certain cooking utensils together, making organization much easier.

2 Types Of Drawer Fronts

1. Five-Piece Drawer Front

You can choose from a raised panel or recessed.

A five-piece drawer front is a four-piece frame around a middle section that’s either raised or recessed. In other words, it’s like a rectangle with the middle missing. You then place a raised or recessed piece in the middle.

This is the more traditional type of drawer front.

2. Slab Drawer Front

This is a more modern look for kitchen drawers.

Also called solid drawer fronts, these drawers don’t have any panels. It’s one single, solid piece. It’s a streamlined look perfectly in line with the modern style.

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“What do you think?” asks Brittany. Nick shrugs. “I think this is a good start, but we shouldn’t make a decision after reading one blog post. Let’s look at some more posts and see if that helps.”