The Most Durable Kitchen Cabinets And Cabinet Finishes

Every Kitchen In Chicago Can Benefit From Being Built And Finished Like This

Wood kitchen cabinets with a darker stain

The most durable kitchen cabinet is hardwood. Custom or semi-custom last longest. The strongest finish is a catalyzed conversion varnish.

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No More Price Shopping!

“Buying based on price hasn’t done well for us,” complains Brittany.

Nick sighs and nods. “I know what you mean. All this stuff we bought on the cheap didn’t last very long or look that good in the end.”

Brittany huffs. “And that’s exactly what we aren’t going to do with our kitchen cabinets. We are going to use the most durable kitchen cabinets and the most durable kitchen cabinet finish. These cabinets will last for decades!”

Nick laughs. “That sounds perfect! Just, we need to find out what they are first, and how much kitchen cabinets cost,” he says as he takes out his phone. “Let’s search it on Google.” He starts as Brittany walks over to see too.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

The Strongest Kitchen Cabinet Material

Dark brown custom kitchen cabinets

The most durable kitchen cabinets are ones made from solid hardwood. Cherry and maple are popular choices. They’re the most expensive but they last a long time and look great doing it. Plywood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) are less expensive choices.

The Strongest Kitchen Cabinet Finish

White painted kitchen cabinets

The most durable kitchen cabinet finish is a catalyzed conversion varnish. This is the most durable finish available for wood. It’s chemical and moisture resistant, making it easy to clean. It’s also more flexible. This means it expands and contracts with the wood as the temperature changes. 

This varnish is great for paints and stains. It might be more expensive than traditional lacquer but the benefits are worth it. Your cabinets should look better for longer. 

Cabinet manufacturers will use an oven-baked finish, which helps cabinets keep their color and sheen for longer (which you can’t get when refinishing).

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“Sounds good to me!” says Nick happily. Brittany nods and smiles. “Me too! Let’s see what else we can learn on here before we make a decision.”