What Kitchen Cabinets Are In Style In Homes Near Me?

People Near You Are Choosing These Kitchen Cabinets And Ones Like These To Create Their Ideal Kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look modern and amazing! In some cases, it can even make your kitchen function better too.

In this post, you can discover what kitchen cabinets are in style near you. This goes for look and function.

Combination of white Shaker style kitchen cabinets and glass door cabinets

What Kitchen Cabinets Are In Style?

1. Shaker Style Cabinets Painted White Or With A Lighter Stain

Shaker-style cabinets can work in any kitchen. You’ll find this style of kitchen cabinet with lighter paints and stains in more modern-looking kitchens.

The lighter colors can help your kitchen seem larger, more open, and clean. The white paint has a clean and pure look ideal for where food is made. The lighter stains have a more rustic appeal.

2. Slab Style Cabinets With A Darker Paint Or Stain

Darker slab-style kitchen cabinets are on the opposite end of the modern look. While still modern in feel, they give off a different vibe than the lighter colors.

Darker stains can make a kitchen feel warm and inviting. Darker paints are easier on the eyes and have a more comfortable feel.

You’ll ususally find slab cabinets in modern kitchens.

3. Lower Cabinets With Rollout Drawers

This kitchen cabinet style is in style because of how it helps kitchens function better.

Your lower kitchen cabinets can have drawers inside them instead of shelves. You can roll them out all the way and more easily get to whatever you need.

This means no more bending, stretching, and reaching for pots, pans, etc. You can bring them out to you instead!

4. Glass Door Upper Cabinets

Upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors are great when it comes to their look and function.

They have an open and contemporary look. Plus, it makes it easier to know what’s stored in which cabinets. This is especially useful for guests.

The glass can be clear, opaque, or even have a design!

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