How To Install Wall And Base Kitchen Cabinets Using The Best 14 Steps

This Is How We Install Kitchen Cabinets For Our Clients In Chicago

Two men installing kitchen cabinets on a wall

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In this post, you can find out how to install kitchen cabinets properly on the wall in 9 steps. You can also find out how to install kitchen base cabinets in 5 steps.

I Can’t Figure It Out

“Figure what out, hon?” asks Brittany.

Nick frowns, hands on his hips. “How they hang kitchen cabinets up so well. And they’re strong too. A good cabinet can hold the weight of a whole person!”

“Really? A whole person? Ok, now I want to know how to install kitchen cabinets so they can hold that much weight,” says Brittany.

Nick grabs his phone from the kitchen table. “Let’s Google it! We did the same thing when we were looking up how to clean kitchen cabinets.” Brittany wanders over, also curious as to the process.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets On The Wall

Measuring wall for kitchen upper kitchen cabinet height
  1. Volunteer someone to help (2 pairs of hands makes this project way easier)
  2. Prepare for the installation
  3. Install the upper cabinet ledger
  4. Place the corner or far left cabinet on the ledger and screw it to the wall
  5. Put the next cabinet beside it, level it, and clamp the two cabinets together
  6. Screw the cabinets together
  7. Screw the second cabinet to the wall
  8. Hang the other cabinets following the same steps
  9. Remove the ledger board

Prepare for the installation. This includes marking where the cabinets and appliances will be on the wall. It’s important to know the proper height for upper cabinets. You might want to also put down drop cloths to make clean up quicker and easier.

Install the upper cabinet ledger. This will hold your cabinets up as you install them. It’s like having another pair of very helpful hands.

How To Install Kitchen Base Cabinets

Custom corner base kitchen cabinet drawers
  1. Prepare for the installation
  2. Install the corner base cabinet first
  3. Line up the next cabinet you’re going to install so it’s flush with the corner cabinet
  4. Clamp the cabinets together and fasten them to each other
  5. Screw the cabinets to the wall

Then keep doing this for the rest of the cabinets.

Prepare for the installation. This includes marking the location of studs in the wall. Another is to mark out where the appliances are going to be.

Install the corner base cabinet first. We find it easier and better to start with the corner cabinet. It’s easier to work with when it doesn’t have other cabinets around it.

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