How Long Does It Take To Get Kitchen Cabinets In 2023

This Is How Long It Can Take For Homeowners In Chicago, Illinois To Get Kitchen Cabinets

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Wondering how long you’ll be waiting for those brand new, beautiful kitchen cabinets? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Any good dealer should know what’s causing the delays in getting people their kitchen cabinets (as we do).

How Long Now?!

“There’s no way!” says Nick in disgust as he hangs up the phone.

“How long,” says Brittany anxiously. Nick looks at her sourly. “10 to 12 weeks.” Brittany gasps in shock. “That’s how long it takes to get kitchen cabinets?! Why?”

Nick shrugs. “I don’t know, was too upset to ask, especially after we waited for how long it takes for kitchen cabinets to need replacing. Guess we better look it up on Google, right?” Brittany manages a weak smile. “You know that’s my go-to whenever I have questions. Maybe we’ll find something on a cabinet dealer’s blog or something.”

The couple gets to looking. Here’s what they find out:

How Long It Takes To Get Kitchen Cabinets

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Normally, the standard wait time to get kitchen cabinets is about 4 weeks. Right now in 2023, it can take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks to get your kitchen cabinets. This is due to COVID changing the demand, production, and transportation for these goods.

What’s Changing The Time Table

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High demand. Due to COVID, people are spending more time at home. They aren’t traveling or going on trips, so they have more money on hand than normal. So, they use it to brighten the place they’re spending all this time- their home. 

Low production. Due to COVID, yet again, production lines are slower than usual. Factories had to rework assembly lines to meet distancing standards. This means fewer people and thus slower production.

Transportation jam. Transportation for parts and cabinets from overseas is in a jam. For one, the ports for imported goods also had to cut back production. With fewer people working, and higher demand, it’s harder for them to get through all the inventory.

Shipping container shortage. There’s also a shipping container shortage. Most of them are sitting in port waiting to be inventoried. This means fewer items can be shipped. This not only includes imported cabinets but hardware, hinges, drawer slides, and organizer accessories as well

*For USA-made cabinets and cabinet parts, it’s mostly a high demand and low production issue.

A Bit Of Good News

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Some of our (Cabinet Stiles) manufacturers are starting to get production back up. This is helping whittle away at the lead time, but it’s not yet enough to make a significant difference. We hope that soon it will be!

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“Oh. Well, that makes a lot of sense,” agrees Nick. Brittany nods. “It’s a little annoying that it’ll take so long but at least we know why. While we’re here, let’s see what else we can find out about kitchen cabinets. Might find something that makes our plans better!”