How Long Your Cabinets Should Last Before You Need To Replace Them

This Is About How Long You Can Expect Quality Cabinets To Last

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Quality cabinets last long enough that most people get new ones because their current ones look out of date. Lower quality ones aren’t good.

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Are Our Cabinets Ok?

“They look fine to me,” says Nick.

“Take a closer look,” says Brittany. “You’ll see fading paint and some minor damages. I guess that’s what we get for not buying the best kitchen cabinets.”

Nick shakes his head. “Well, this isn’t ideal. How long have we had these cabinets? I feel like they should last longer than this.” Brittany shrugs. “I can’t remember. I feel like it’s been so long they’re out-of-date now.”

“Well, let’s find out how long cabinets last. If they’re near the end of their lifespan, or close enough, we can get new ones,” suggests Nick. “Let’s do it!” says Brittany, pulling out her phone and getting Google Search.

Here’s what the couple discovers-

How Long Cabinets Can Last

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Your average cabinet, no matter where it is in the house, should last 20 years or so. Kitchen cabinets last about 20 years too. This is because their construction and materials have gotten better. Painted cabinets, even outside of kitchens, last about a year before the paint starts peeling.

But big box store stock cabinets are a whole other story. Buy some stock ones from Home Depot or Lowes and you’ll need new ones in about 5 years. They’re much lower quality which is why they’re cheaper.

Why Most People Get New Cabinets

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Their current cabinets look outdated. People get sick and tired of looking at cabinets that are out of style (and most out-of-style things). Even painting or staining them only kicks the problem down the road.

Damage. It could be water damage, the paint could be peeling, or the kids or animals banged up your lower ones. Whatever the cause, new ones are needed.

Many people come to us for new cabinets because painting didn’t give them the new, fresh look they really wanted for their kitchen. Also after the paint starts peeling.

They bought low-quality cabinets. Lower quality ones (like the big box store stock ones) don’t last very long. They’re cheap, sure, but then you have to hire people to install them too.

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“20 years! Wow, that’s such a long time,” says Brittany. Nick shrugs. “Ah well, let’s do some more digging. Might as well plan on getting new ones now, or just go ahead and do it. It’s been long enough.”