How Kitchen Cabinets (And Cabinets In General) Are Made In 3 Steps

These Are The Methods Cabinet Builders Use To Create The Kitchen Cabinets You Want For Your Home In Chicago, Illinois

Incomplete cabinets beaing installed

Isn’t it weird how people can build boxes that hang on the wall, hold pounds of stuff, and yet not fall off? We think it’s weird in a cool way and would love to share the process with you!

In this post, you’ll discover how to make kitchen cabinets. You’ll also find out a little about the different materials and types of kitchen cabinets.

They Seem Well-Built

“Yeah, none of the parts wiggle or anything,” says Nick approvingly.

Brittany chuckles a bit. “I have no idea how they do that. I built an IKEA cabinet back in college once. Lasted all of 3 weeks before I went through the whole “the book that broke the cabinet’s shelf” thing.”

Nick laughs. “I remember hearing you scream when it happened. Scared the life out of me. Ok, let’s put this mystery to bed and find out how to build kitchen cabinets.”

Brittany smiles and nods, taking her phone out. “Good idea! It worked when we were looking up the cost for kitchen cabinets.” She gets on Google and starts searching for answers.

Here’s what she and Nick find out:

How Kitchen Cabinets Are Made

Variety of pullout cabinets

First, the client chooses either stock, semi-custom, or custom. Then the material is chosen. It’s usually plywood unless the client chooses a custom cabinet with a different material. Finally, you either use the mortise and tenon method, the dowel method, or the dado method to join the boxes together.

Most people choose plywood because it’s quality material, durable, and lower cost than hardwoods. People who buy custom cabinets tend to choose a type of hardwood like oak, cherry, and maple. Each type of wood has a different cost. You can also choose a cheaper material like MDF.

Making Stock vs Semi-Custom vs Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom white kitchen cabinets

Stock cabinets have fewer options than the others when it comes to door styles, colors, and materials. Semi-custom has a wider variety. Both are usually made from plywood. Custom cabinets have the most options, nearly limitless.

Stock cabinets are made on an assembly line. Custom cabinets have more of an artisan look to them and may partially or fully be made by hand.

The 3 Joining Methods Used To Build Cabinets

Mortise and tenon method. This method for building kitchen cabinets uses little square posts. The posts poke out from one side, fitting into a hole drilled into the adjoining cabinet.

Dowel joint method. This method uses round pegs people call dowels. You press or glue the dowel halfway into holes you drill into the side of the cabinet. You then fit the peg into a hole drilled into the adjoining cabinet.

Dado method. This one’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. You cut grooves into the panels and boards and fit them together. While it may sound…haphazard, this method creates bonds just as strong as glue or nails.

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“To be honest, learning this made me want to find out more about kitchen cabinets…also makes me want new cabinets,” says Brittany. Nick nods. “Ok, let’s check out the rest of this blog then.”